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October 01, 2019

Whey Protein Ready to Eat Meals

We all know the importance of protein in our diet but do you know about whey protein? It is the liquid part of milk form during cheese production and also the liquid in curd is called whey. It is observed as high value protein due to its quick digestible quality. The calcium content in whey protein helps decrease fat and increase mineral bone density. It is also useful in promoting the growth of lean muscle mass. Even some people take it in the supplement form on daily basis. Hence YoFit is here with its range of food products like Yellow Dal, Pav Bhaji and Dal Khichdi that is profoundly made using whey protein.

If you follow your dream, work hard and want to be the ruler of your dynasty, you need to be healthy. Your every moment becomes the best ones with the best eating habits. Hence, the all new YoFit Nutrition, with its very ideology serves you all the meal with most demanding and needed nutrition of time; whey protein. With the growing adulteration in every food products researcher have found increasing bone associated problems in not just adults but youths also. Whey protein being the dietary protein and its amino acid serve as the functional components for total body structure, regulation and locomotion (CS Wright, Researcher). YoFit has come up with Yellow dal, Dal Khichdi and delicious Pav Bhaji uniquely all made of whey protein. So, roll up your sleeves and buckle up your stomach to dive in food yard.  

Whey Protein Dal Fry (Yellow Dal)

A very common food item found in Indian Family dishes among all is dal, and the delicious taste and aromatic spice of Dal fry just cannot stop one to hop on thali.  An Appetizing Indian lentil stew is not just tasty but also a rich source of protein, whether in lunch or in dinner, with chapati or rice(chawal) Indian thali is incomplete without dal. Although there are varieties of dal like masoor dal, urad dal, moong dal etc, but among all yellow dal (also called as toor dal) is most commonly and unchangeably found somewhere surely in the chest of Indian kitchen. Undoubtedly, though being best source of protein yellow dal also contains folic acid, magnesium, iron, potassium and vitamin B hence, can be the one reason why it is consumed on daily basis by Indians. There are tremendous ways of making it and as mentioned in the history of dal, the recipe is majorly known to have come from Chandragupta Maurya’s dynasty when, dal was the must food item in Maharaja’s thali.

YoFit Nutrition Whey Protein Yellow Dal Fry is all for the one who believes in healthy diet. It reduces fat yet fulfill your appetite. Whether you forget to take tiffin box or not in mood to stand before stove need not to lose your wit ‘YoFit’ is in your support. Whether it’s a lunch time or dinner time just in two minutes you’ll be served right away on table with yummy dal fry that purely contains all the ingredients keeping in mind gym goers especially, who puts on lots of energy in workout. But with no restrictions can be consumed by anyone and everyone.  It has goodness of homemade preparation and no added flavour. It holds 20gm of protein, 3gm of fiber and no carbohydrates and fats. Who swear by investing on healthy and worthy products largely for food then it will be your subtle decision to go with YoFit.

Whey Protein Pav Bhaji (Only Bhaji)

If you love pav bhaji but hesitate eating it because of high cholesterol, then express your hidden happiness because YoFit brings you whey protein pav bhaji. Whey protein benefits you with weight loss and helps lowering cholesterol.

Garma garam Pav Bhaji is the most famous street food of Mumbai localities. The place is such as likely to be blessed by god that even the beggar on street at least, don’t sleep with empty stomach. This beauty of the place and love for food among citizens attracts more food vendors and restaurants. This competition among food vendors and restaurants to sustain in the market led them try adding every possible taste and flavour to the dish, without paying much attention towards health. Therefore, considering your cravings for delicious pav bhaji and health simultaneously YoFit, has come up with all new whey protein pav bhaji. Added up all the ingredients and chopped vegetables with extra 20gm proteins is prepared in just 3 minutes. Only the prerequisite amount of hot water is needed to mix up well the powdered form for the desired consistency.  

Maximum 225 to 325gm of carbs should be consumed on a daily basis. This helps form glucose in the body which is the main source of energy.  Whereas, protein is assumed to be the long-lasting source of energy as it’s the complex molecule and takes longer time by the body to break down. Paav bhaji get on streets and big restaurants too, have minimum of 4-5 grams of protein and rest all is fats and carbohydrates. Thus, YoFit brings you whey protein pau bhajee also with scrumptious taste as an alternate option. With fusion of vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower, green peas, carrots, onions, capsicum and tomatoes and extra loaded proteins for good health, fulfilling your appetite and providing long lasting energy.

Indian housemakers are complete proficient in recycling the leftovers and they can be termed as thrifty or economical. They are an entrepreneur who understands so well about how to run home cost effectively and maintain the balance sheets.  Interestingly, the mouthwatering buttery pau bhajiy is although famous for being Mumbai’s street food but it has indeed come from Gujarat. The dish was the idea of gujrati homemakers to recycling and cooking the leftovers of vegetables and serve with lots of desi ghee or butter and eat with pav. This innovative idea made the dish most famous local food of today’s time.

Pav bhajee is so much loved by Mumbaikars that it can be found easily everywhere. Whether it’s day time or night time stalls near stations and every small and big restaurant must have this dish in their menu cards. Well, for lunch, dinner or for Sunday brunch and birthday treats to your friends and office colleagues pav bhaji is the cheapest, comfortable and always in demand. Hence you can choose for best option from YoFit whey protein paav bhaji that comes fully prepared in a tiffin box. Just add some amount of hot water stir well for 3minutes and it’s ready to eat. Whether it’s Birthday, Holi, Diwali or most celebrated Ganesh Mahotsav you can have this whey protein paau bhajee anytime on any occasion. But the lovers of the dish don’t need any reason to order it so, if you’re getting cravings inside or you fall in shortage of time connect with YoFit without stopping yourself.

Whey Protein Dal Rice (Dal Khichdi)

Whey protein also have tendency to kick the immune system. Hence here is a Dal Khichdi with whey protein all for you.

Well, usually khichdi is suggested for upset tummy yet, the amazing ability of Indian spices to turn even the insipid food to finger-licking has increased the demand for khichri in lunch and dinner also. Thanks to Indian ladies because of their innovation and kitchen experiments we have got so many delicious dishes to eat and pleasure our food taste. Whereby, with variations in caste, language and religion that boost varieties of ways to make khichadi you can enjoy them all. There are Brown rice Khichdi, Oats khichdi, Whole wheat dalia khichdi, Masoor dal khichdi, Makai khichdi, Palak khichdi and Dal khichdi. Where Dal khichdi is the most commonly preferred.

Khichari is thought as traditional food of India. It’s most commonly cooked mixing legumes and rice(chawal). Being the healthiest and nutritious food, it’s considered as the national food of India. People often have this ideology of eating difference between rich and poor in the society, but khichari can be regarded as the ordinary food eaten by all. The dish is believed to have originated from Southern Asia and some parts of India eat it with kadhi so, some to add extra taste have along raita; made of curd. Some people eat kichari by adding other beans and likewise, it can be made and eaten in many different styles. The concept of this so much known dish all over India also has its foot in foreign. Since Kichri is a very old dish Britishers that came to rule over India practiced the dish in their very own style. They just dramatically changed the recipe and named it as Kedgeree.

Foreigners being having their own pronunciation Kedgeree was also called as Kitchari or Khichuri by them. Which was made up of fish, boiled rice, curry powder and butter. Britishers also introduced the recipe to UK where people likely to have it with love during breakfast. Even in India place like Gujarat, Khichdi is served as Saadi Khichdi, Masala Khichdi and Swaminarayan Khichdi. In Bihar and Uttar Praadesh, it is specially made on Makar Sankranti festival with masala and loads of desi ghee. Similarly, in Tamil Nadu of South Pongal festival is celebrated and the Khichdi made on the auspicious occasion is also called as Pongal that is prepared with lentil, rice, cumin, cashew nuts and black pepper. Because of the nutritious property Khichdi or can be called as Khichda is suggested for toddlers and pregnant women by doctors. With so many benefits of eating Khichdi and hundreds of cooking approaches YoFit with its one more nosh added on the list, comes up with whey protein Dal Khichdi. Dal(pulse) and Rice together fuels up the protein intake. The important nutrition from dal and fiber obtained from rice jointly helps cleansing the body and acquire healthy skin and hair. The one struggling on weight lose can definitely consume whey protein dal khichdi without a fear as it carries 15gram protein and 3gram fiber and no fats and carbs. Kichdi is a very easy recipe that can be cooked in pressure cooker with ease hitherto if you aren’t willing to cook YoFit is always at your service.

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