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October 01, 2019

Whey Protein Ready to Eat Snacks

YoFit brings you whey protein snacks with its firm idea of serving you protein rich food products. Whey protein is commonly consumed by the gym goers in the supplement form alongside exercise. These proteins undertaken in supplement form has its own advantage and side-effects but, eating food and healthy snacks that is made up of concentrated whey protein is always benefited for health. As whey protein helps you grow stronger muscles and keep your weight and cholesterol level at low. Keeping this in mind very innovatively YoFit engaged in presenting you whey protein Omelet, Poha and Upma.

Whey Protein Egg Free Pan Omelette (Pure Veg.)

Well, Omlet is considered a non-vegetarian dish as it’s made up of yolk in the egg in different ways, called egg bhurji and scrambled eggs etc.  Which is of course not consumed by the one who called themselves vegetarian. But, guess what? Without disappointing anyone YoFit brings you a veg Omlet recipe; completely created out of different flours like wheat, rice etc. You might raise a question on how this veg omlette can be then a protein rich item thereby, to balance and lessen the present amount of carbs in these flours it is attentively made out of whey protein. Which is so high in protein that ultimately makes the YoFit snacks delicious and health-giving by cutting down the amount of carbs. Early morning while entering the kitchen every woman is often puzzled what different to make out of daily routine breakfast. Many people are also too health conscious and fussy about food. So now kick away all your confusion and stop being hypochondriac because readymade YoFit omlette is going to make your boring breakfast yummy and joyful. Even if you get bored of preparing evening supper you can save your cooking time with all new whey protein omelet which is not only easy to make but also very delectable and healthy to eat.

This YoFit whey protein Omlette comes in a powdered form which is the mixture of many grains. The other ingredients are the input of vegetables, and while making it you just need to add desired amount of water and pour it on little heated frying pan. Many of you would be the lover of Maggie which is most commonly eaten in evening time as it’s the time to get the hungriest and the recipe is too quick but it can’t be taken daily. Hence, need for something fresh, healthy and easy is fulfilled by whey pan omlette. This saves your time from cutting vegetables and any other frills. As the veg omlet is nothing but one of the innovative food ideas created out of multigrain flour that benefits you with more nutrition and protein. It helps protect heart, keep check on metabolism and strengthen bones. Multigrain flour is always health efficient and as per the research paper presented by Dr. Sudhakar Kokate, multigrain flour is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins. It is a good source of energy that boost circulation, prevents constipation and reduces the risk of cancer and cardiac vascular disorders. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are the antioxidants present in multigrain flour that helps to protect the cells in the body especially the DNA, RNA and proteins from being getting damaged due to unexpected reactive oxygen species produced during aerobic metabolism. Which is the way our body creates energy through the combustion of carbs, amino-acids and fats. Whereas, YoFit whey pan omelet reduces the amount of all carbs, amino-acid and fats and makes it rich source of protein.

Whey Protein Poha

According to a researcher Frank V. Kosikowski , long back our forefathers started with utilizing whey in many different forms especially, as pharmaceutical drugs like for soothing salves for burns or as skin balm. It was also used as medicine to regain hair and very recently like YoFit, started with whey food products. It promotes good health and functionality of the body. Along with this, YoFit introduces another whey protein food product ‘Poha’ for your breakfast to brunch journey to a full stomach.

Poha is quite popular snack in few parts of India especially in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana. Similarly, it is known by different names in different parts of the country. Like in Orissa, Poha is called as Chuda, in Tamil it’s called aval and in Kanada it’s called avalakki.  Also, as you move from one place to another you will observe it’s served in very different styles impressively. Some state plate up with green chutney, some loves curd and some add an extra zing to it like bhujia and jalebi for different taste. Poha is the most preferred light weighted snack for breakfast and brunch which is healthy, tasty and takes short time to cook.  In place like India, where guests are considered as equivalent to god and meticulously taken care of their hospitality. Where, tea is often not offered alone but with some light weighted snack, and poya being the quick recipe and includes less ingredient is always on top of the list. 

Poha, also called as kande paunva is made up of beaten rice that have originated from the Indian subcontinent. Nutritionist recommended pauaa as the healthiest breakfast of the country. The absorbed nutrition and health benefits of poha is the excellence of Indian creations. The easily digestible property of poha is absolutely appreciating that makes it the best option for morning breakfast. Whole day you can eat anything from junk food to oily food but your beginning of the day must be healthy. Hence, YoFit whey protein poha (flattened rice) is the best option for a good day start. As poha is low in calories it is the best choice for those who want to lose weight. Fats being essential for energy and growth of cell in the body it shouldn’t be completely avoided but consumed on low amount. Poha therefore has as low as 23% of fats and 76.9% of carbohydrates which is balanced by 15gram of protein in whey poha and 1gram of fiber. The presence of fiber lets you feel full on stomach for a longer time, and it helps improve cholesterol and blood sugar in the body. The iron and fiber rich poha are good source of antioxidants, gives required vitamins and the gluten free property makes poha the best breakfast. In order to replace cooking and have instant ready poha on your table YoFit whey protein poha is all there for you.

Whey Protein Upma

Although Upma is good for health and well-being it’s an added excellence when salubrious whey protein is used to make it. An easy solution to stay healthy is brought to you by YoFit, that prepare upma with whey and sums up the nutritional value of the very breakfast. Whey protein help reduce blood fats, maintain blood pressure and have beneficial effects on inflammatory bowel diseases. YoFit serves you with the protein rich light weighted whey upma in a powdered form along with other ingredients to which, you are required to add prerequisite amount of boiled water to it as per desired consistency and the upma is ready to eat.

Upma, which is also called uppumavu and uppittu have originated from Indian subcontinent and most commonly from Southern region. It is formed by roasted semolina and can be cooked in different ways with or without any preferred vegetables. A great variety of upma can be tasted as you move from one corner to another across the country. Major variations are sooji upma, and its masala version is called Kharabath in Karnataka, which is made up of wholegrain or refined wheat and rice. The masala version of sooji upma as suggested by the name, is prepared using variety of spices like sambar masala, garam masala and chili powder, and can be garnished with wide range of beans and dry fruits. The other variation of upma; Uppittu (Rice Upma) is mainly popular in Tamil Nadu, also as Mavu in some other parts of South. It is usually prepared with chopped onion and sometimes on festivals with grated coconut. The third and unique innovation Is Corn Upma that can be made in two ways, it can either be eaten adding boiled milk and nuts or in Andhra style Upma called Uppindi; seasoned with various spices. 

The popular Karnataka cuisine Upma, is very well known in other parts of the country too, especially in Maharashtra where Rava Upma is preferred largely. Where it’s believed to be goodness of health due to slow digestible property and fiber that helps diabetics patients feel satiety and control sugar level. It lowers your cholesterol level and induces iron capacity that boost your energy to remain active for a long time. The significant effect of zinc and exceptional quality of iron not only raise your energy level but it is also a power button to your immune system. As the dish is replete with boundless of nutrition a particular snack can be eaten anytime in day or night with no restrictions to time and no side effects. But the dish needs sometime more than a Maggie or Omelet to cook and serve hence, you can replace it with YoFit whey Upma that is not just tasty and also very healthy and actually instant to prepare. If you are willing to flourish your lifestyle YoFit is a clean bill of health.

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