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October 01, 2019

Whey Protein Ready to Munch

Good nutrition is always an important part to promote a healthy lifestyle. And Whey is more than just protein, it comprises of plentiful of nutrition and spot a great impact on health. YoFit sensed the importance of whey and got under way to start off using whey in greater ways. Hence, after whey protein meal YoFit worked on whey rich munch like, Whey Protein Coated Peanuts, Seed Mixes, Choco Bar Bites and Cookies. So, get ready to munch crispy, yummy and healthy snacks. It’s a time to act subtle, eat healthy, eat tasty and eat smart only with whey and with YoFit.

The incredible India is the land of agriculture and it is also known for being the second largest producer of peanuts. Which has some magical nutritional power. And to enhance the greatness of peanuts, Yofit add the most needed protein of the time ‘Whey’ into the making of crunchy coated peanuts. The all new, unique and patent YoFit whey protein coated peanut is created for the fitness freaks, and for all to grab the byte of fun anytime in the morning breakfast to evening brunch. The amazing fact of whey is, it was one of the dietary meals of our ancestors. That was also majorly used for making medicines and drugs. There are supplements present in the market made out of whey with other added flavors and products. But the meals are best way to consume complete whey protein, with no added flavors and no unnecessary impure ingredients.

Such a superlative idea of bringing whey protein meal in service by YoFit is the enlightenment, achieved of the valuable treasure obtained from whey in the form of nutrients; actually, equivalent to gold. The Indian history is the proof of this hyperbolic statement, where whey was indeed consumed by the warriors before going to the battle field. Even post completing the variety of luscious food served uniquely in maharaja’s thali, yet stomach feels incomplete without whey; drawn out of curd. Whey that comes in a liquid state is organized into a powdered form and as like other Indian condiments it is used in all the meal launched under YoFit, in large quantity. According to the research by Daniel W.D. West, athletes who aims to increase the lean mass growth or recover after the exercise apparently benefit from whey protein. It reduces weight and amplify great amount of protein in the body. It’s a boon for diabetic patients and the one experiencing blood pressure problem. For the goodness of health, the high-quality protein that it acquires make stronger the immune system, boost digestive system and lowers the inflammation level.

Whey Protein Coated Peanuts

Everybody likes to munch on something with garma garam chai(tea) or coffee in evening brunch. Which is also a snack time and when hunger disturb your work the most so, why not to roll on to a coated whey peanut in those peckish moment. Satisfy your tummy to get back to your work. The high protein property of whey is a good idea to add on food and feel satiety and healthful. Generally, chickpea and peanuts have equal amount of protein but only that peanut is high in calorie which is balanced if added whey protein. Which also minus the number of calories. Peanuts that assumed to have almost equal nutrient value to almonds can replace it for being cheaper to purchase by anybody. It is also called Pea in some parts of the world and known to discovered by George Washington Carver, who was also honored as ‘The peanut man’. With this peanut got the deserving place in legumes family and accepted all over as nutritious nut. Later, many experiments with pea led to peanut butter and coated masala peanut. In India masala peanut is mostly preferred with tea in evening. India is known as ‘The Home of Spice’ and Indian food is recognized for its aromatic spices without which, it cannot be eaten with disrelish. So, everything that is prepared form tasteful spice will always be loved by the country people. With varieties in peanut dishes now, YoFit grabbed a new version of whey protein coated peanut to give you the flavor of all the versions in one.

Healthy Super Seed Mixes

With variety of food products YoFit brings you another surprise, which you can called chota packet bada dhamaka; ‘Mix Seeds’. Yes, strangely enough this mix of seeds are having immense health benefits drawn out of their various properties. These fusion seeds are union of fruits and flowers like sunflower, cucumber, pumpkin, flaxseed sesame and watermelon. The super seeds are full of essential vitamins and minerals. Seeds being low in GI it slowly releases energy and stabilize the sugar level in blood. You can also eat it in anyways by sprinkling in your morning salad or in evening after brunch. You can prepare a proper dish in a good time to enjoy crunchy and flavorsome mix seeds.

Vitamins like A,B,C,E and minerals like magnesium, potassium, zinc an iron are the extractions of all the mix seeds. They are absolutely best source of fiber and procure polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These advantageous fats bring down the bad cholesterol level and lowers the heart risk. Polyunsaturated fatty acids assist in controlling the type-2 diabetes and sort high weight problem. As the name suggest sun-flower symbolizes long life and rejoice. The seeds can be roasted in oven and stored at home. Also, the stems and leaves are used in making oil, butter, medicine and fodder. Vitamin B complex achieved from sunflower seeds excel the immune system and accelerate the growth of red blood cells. It’s indispensable for healthy nervous system and subject to the development of brain in infant, hence very health-some for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Flaxseed(tisi) or pronounce as Flax, is an excellent source of omega3 and omega6. Omega3 make better eye sight and fight depression. It hinders the chances of asthma and help treat the symptoms. It sedates the accumulation of fat in liver. Which can cause inflammation, obesity and resist insulin in the blood if not taken care. And omega6 is the power booster for metabolism and reproductive system.  Pumpkin might not taste good to many but it is profoundly used by many Indians to perform ritual ceremonies. Adding to the value it is also used for medicinal purpose and when comes on eating the seeds taste better if roasted and put on some salt and spice. Pumpkin seeds help to recover the urinary infection in women, and curtails the required amino acid, omega3, zinc, protein, iron and phosphorous. Pumpkin is classed as ‘Emperor of Sun’ in China. In Canada it’s a tradition to offer in gratitude. Being a rich source of magnesium it’s prone to improved prostate and bladder health. A pinch of YoFit mix seeds once or twice in a day is sufficient to meet essential nutrients from all the seeds. These seeds come in ready to eat form that can be enjoyed scrunching anytime in day or after dinner. You can also add extra spice of your choice to add on extra taste.

Whey Protein Bar Bites and Cookies

If you start dribbling hearing the word chocolate but gaining weight phobia resist your desire. Don’t yearn your inner impulse, YoFit Whey Protein Bars and chocolate cookies are only for you. They are prepared by the goodness of dark chocolate, cocoa, nutritive fiber, protein and prebiotics. As YoFit aims to serve fitness lovers, if you’re a health freak you must check on life protein bites. Whey protein is rich in itself. The majorly function of whey is to help burn fats, maintain blood sugar level and boost your immune system. Hence Every bite of it is worth.

The added nutrition and whey protein in YoFit chocolate bar bites and cookies is the boon for chocolate lovers. You can compulsively gobble up as much as bar and cookie you wish to. If you’re a chocoholic health nut you will fall in love with YoFit. The all-time favorite cookies are for all those who love tasty and healthy snacks. The excellence of whey, oats and raisins are the important ingredients used in creating all new whey protein bars and cookies. High calorie biscuits in bakery are only for taste and to decorate the plate. But whey rich cookies are to build up your health. As it comes readymade you need no stove and no cooking, only to unwrap and enjoy the heart touching choco bites. Fitness fanatics can carry the pouch during gym to restore the protein level. The essence of cocoa powder help regulates the flow of blood to the brain, hence the withdrawal of all the elements in whey bar and cookie is the ultimate ascent of nutrition in your body.

YoFit whey cookies are good source of protein and it’s a healthy snacking. Replacing bakery cookies are totally your choice but the potential whey protein bars and cookies are meant not to denature even at high temperature. You can eat it yourself or offer as thanksgiving to your friends and it guarantees to leave no chance to impress your guest. The companionship of prebiotics in the YoFit whey bar add up to the amount of calcium and magnesium absorption. The health benefits of prebiotics are its longingness during gut hormonal changes and top of that tends to reduce weight. Prebiotics are also called as fiber that instills the kind of fertilizer in the body to produce good bacteria in your gut and deduct the bad once. It also helps improvise the bowel regularity. The presence of vitamins fights the risk of certain cancer and scale up the level of energy. Balanced amount of vitamin shores up the healthy bone and also makes your skin glowing and beautiful. The overall intake from cocoa bar and cookies do you the world of good. Thus, junk food can also be converted to the level of enjoyment with such nutrient approach. This is possible with the only patent YoFit whey rich food. Where every meal is a shot in the arm and empower every human to have new lease of life with lots of enthusiasm. So, Let’s cheer and welcome the great initiative from YoFit to serve all the food lovers. Keep open your door and order online any food product under YoFit anytime in day or night. You can also guide YoFit with your desired junk food to be converted to whey rich food.

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