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October 01, 2019

Whey Protein Ready to Spread

There are many ways to make your morning breakfast creative and tasteful. Eating same thing every day is neither good for health nor a choice of any Indian at least. So, let’s try something not just tasty to eat but smart choice to be included in your diet. YoFit delivers a whey protein spread like Mix fruit Jam and Peanut Butter that is an absolute high source of protein. As many researchers suggested, whey is not just simply a protein but more of other packaged nutrition. These YoFit spreads are meant for active people those who wish to lose on weight but to be full on stomach. And of course, the jam and peanut lovers.

Whey Protein Mix Fruit Jam

Jam being made of mixed fruits is already very nutritious, tasty and a delicious treat. But Whey protein is something that makes your food more valuable and glorious. Thus, YoFit proposes a very unique variation of Fruit Jam by purely using whey in its making process. The health benefits of whey rich food products allow the food lover to enjoy to their fullest, despite being going through any health complications. Although the Whey Protein mixed Fruit Jam is formulated keeping in mind them who strictly live on healthy diet, yet the taste is truly appealing to the senses and urge you to take the sweet revenge. Without any age barrier it can be consumed by anybody and everybody. Jam being the sweetest spread the usage of whey help balancing the sweetness, and give even the diabetes people an opportunity to cheat on diet. Whey try to improve insulin in the body and maintain the blood sugar level. The health power of whey realized after a long time now but not late. Thereby, YoFit brings you two types of yummy and healthy spreads; Mixed Fruit Jam and Peanut Butter.

Have you ever mulled over the history of Jam? If not, don’t worry! Here it is, the popular and mouthwatering recipe of jam came out of a very famous cookbook ‘The Art of Cooking’ from the first century AD. It was actually the fruits especially the softest ones like berries that was heated with sugar or honey, then cooled and stored. With new innovations and ideas later, number of ingredients got increased right from preservatives to variety of other soft fruits and pectin in the jam making process. There is a very fascinating story behind the thick sweet food ‘Jam’ that is preferred by all mostly now during breakfast and brunch. Interestingly, the very renowned French astrologer and physician Nostradamus, who was known for his accurate fortune predictions, but very few are aware of his interest in medicines owing to which he also wrote a cook book. He researched on herbal remedies and this cook book is the creation of it. Where the recipe includes cherries with sugar and considered fit to be served to a King for their supreme excellence. Ever imagined warriors can prefer to have jam before going on field? You read it correct. Louis XIV was so tempting about jam that showing his love for it he ordered to serve it to everyone in a silver dish. Even then the jam was prepared using added flavors other than fruits. But YoFit has no added flavor. It purely contains banana pulp, papaya pulp, mango pulp, apple juice and grape juice along with the very whey protein that cause to happen it more nutritious and irresistible.

Indian kids and adults are so lover of jam that refrigerators in every home must be having at least one bottle of jam. But from many brands of jam sold in the market some are impure and not good enough to consume. Also, hard to distinguish pure from impure ones. What is Jam? It is indeed a method of preserving seasonal fruits for a longer time to have the nutritional value out of fruits anytime. which loses its value by adding flavors and lots of sugar just to fool customers. Which is of course people having increased sugar level in blood cannot have it and neither it’s good for anyone certainly. Also YoFit uses sugar up to some amount but whey, which has the property to raise insulin level balances the amount of sugar. YoFit gives a chance to all jam enthusiast to wolf it down with relish. To the delight of everyone it brings up all sort of meal using whey protein, that let you not to suppress your desires and with little precaution; eating only spoonful of whey protein Jam once in a day not inspire your blood sugar level. The most captivating fact of jam is that it significantly carries high energy and fiber that boosts the immune system and cures your constipation problem. So why don’t you jam your day while going for school, college or at work rather going empty stomach in the morning after all, something is better than nothing. And this something is a treasure box full of goodness. Whether you eat apple, drink apple or mix it with other eating products and consume, in all way it intends to help lose your weight and foster your memory power. The phytonutrient apple use in whey jam repair damaged DNA from exposure to toxins, protects your skin from sun and allows your natural healthy skin remain glowing.  Papaya is considered as the first genetically modified food to be consumed by humans. On the basis of ethno-medicinal literature, not only the fruit but also the roots, stems, leaves and other parts are also very useful in making medicines. Being the good source of fiber, it subtracts the level of cholesterol, prevents blood pressure and eradicate constipation issue as researched by Milind Parle. Likewise, with numerous nutritional advantages procured from different fruits and a powerful whey protein make this jam so unique and health-giving.

Whey Protein Peanut Butter

If you’re a gym junkie, exercise addict or a very active person both mentally and physically, then you should eat like a warrior. Today with so much food adulteration found in the market hardly any food product is prepared purely, and mostly people are distressed with deficiencies of important proteins and calcium etc even after eating timely. With this effect to serve you bountiful protein rich meal, YoFit brings you a whey peanut; whey peanut butter with added protein value for fitness goers, bodybuilders and active people who requires adequate amount of protein. Each and every product comes under YoFit constituted by whey protein with the ideology to work in service for one who truly love and concerned about his/her health. Whey protein is digested easily and quickly.  The eminently beneficial Whey protein comprises essential amino acid, branched chain amino acid and help improvise athletic performance. It also reduces fat and build muscles as researched by Jangale Rohini Shankar and Ghanendra Kumar Bhansal.   

Now, let’s take you to the jaunt of peanut butter history. It has mainly come from Canada and used to be made out of roasted peanut with sugar and heated on high flame until the melted stage. Later, the making process got changed by using boiled peanuts with sugar, then along with the passing time and innovations in technologies, a machine was developed by Joseph Lambert to draw out peanut butter. It is said that during second world war peanut butter was known as monkey butter and in Netherland it is called pindakaas. The health list suggests to have Vitamin E, dietary minerals, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper. You can spread it on bread pav and enjoy at night with one glass of milk, if you feel inflammatory or not in mood to have heavy meal. You can make your morning savory and healthsome spreading pea on sandwich or bread to delight with tea or coffee. Because of peanut butter produced from peanut inculcates supreme nutritional value. Botanically called legumes; peanuts are an excellent source of protein, fiber and fats. Though being high on fats and calories it is proven good for heart diseases. And to balance the level of these fat nutrient quality of peanut, YoFit implements whey formula in all its food product. Whey protein increases the serotonin activity and promotes restful sleep, the happy chemical; serotonin is pronounced so because it confers the goodness and wellbeing of human body. The determined soluble property of whey protein encourages the metabolism activity. Substantially whey stimulates the immune system that help in healing wounds quickly. Whey protein is best suited for type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular health complexity. Although intake of excess peanuts can also be hazardous for health but it contains monounsaturated fat, which is demonstrated as good to be consumed in bad health that helps lower LDL level. Whey also possess the ability to control cholesterol and sugar level in blood and uplift the weight loss. Hence anyone can enjoy the patent YoFit whey protein peanut butter without any risk fear.  

The other butter than peanut is strictly recommended by doctors to avoid especially for patients suffering from heart problems. But intake of peanut butter reduces weight and also strengthens blood circulation. The presence of zinc in this butter support the growth of cell and breaking down of carbohydrates in the body. Magnesium favor blood glucose level and the maintenance of nerve and muscles. Potassium is an electrolyte that reacts with water and discharge positives ions. Which controls the blood pressure, protect from stroke and kidney stones. You might get shocked reading that your body also generates electricity. Yes, when the potassium you get through diet come in contact with positive and negative ions it generates electricity that evident in regulation of fluids in your whole body. Iron blossoms the red blood cell and is the reason each nerve, cell and parts of your body is getting oxygen. Most of the copper in your body is placed in brain, heart, liver and kidney. Together with iron, copper is the building blocks of red blood cells and tends to spark energy level in the body. When whey protein has always been the choice of warriors and body-builders for its stupendous characteristics, inspiring by this YoFit initiated to bring back the culture and make protein rich meal. Which has become the need of today. So now get ready to get as fit as fiddle and alive and kicking for making your lifestyle peaceful and healthy. You can order any whey protein rich meal available on YoFit website for online delivery right at your door steps. Even if you yearn for any food you like to eat but stopping yourself because of irksome suggestions by doctors, guide through your views and YoFit will always be in your service.

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